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Welcome to our support center for consumers, users, partners and business clients.

User & Consumer

You are an end user of user products and services, like books, media, applications powered by Meedee.


You partner with Meedee for even better serving your audiences and target markets, as creator, writer, expert, host, teacher, etc.

Business Clients

Get business support for publishing, printing, digital platforms, applications, studio services, advertisement for the Lao speaking community.

Support Team

We are here to help!During business hours we will answer you directly and promplty.


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Find answers and help for shopping products at the Meedee shops.

Regular questions:

Where to find Meedee products and services?

You can find them at different Meedee locations, at events and online: Meedee Books Online.

How do you get products and services?

Non-ditial products - like books, games, cards, etc. - can be picked up at Meedee locations or they will be sent to your place or to a nearest puck up point.
Digital products can be downloaded to your device or used on your device (phone / tablet / computer).

How to pay?

You can pay cash, by Meedee Card, by phone and with credit card.

How to solve a problem with a purchased product or service?

Follow the explanations of Product Support

How to redeem Meedee Cards?

Follow the explanations of Meedee Cards Support

Are there special prices for groups, schools, businesses?

Yes, we are happy to support groups and organisations in Laos.
Talk to our Business Support Team about your next purchase.

All Support Topics

Find answers and help on all consumer products and services.

Regular questions:

What´s the benefit of Meedee products?

There are several reasons, but quality is a key feature liked by so many. Quality in production and quality in content for bringing meaning and value into many homes.

"Can I become a Meedee member"?

Once you have a topped up a Meedee Card with 200K Kip and allow us to send information, you are registered with us and will experience membership benfits. More at Meedee Card

How can I pay?

You can pay cash, by gift card, by phone and with credit card.

How can I solve a problem with a purchased product / service?

Follow the explanations of Product Support

How to redeem gift cards?

Follow the explanations of Gift Cards Support

Can I get special prices as school or business?

Yes, you can.
Talk to our Meedee Business Support Team about your expectations and opportunities.

All Support Topics

Find answers and help for all partner services.

Regular questions:

Who can partner with Meedee?

Anyone who wants attention and social reach.

Usually we promote writers, creators and artists, experts, influencers, event hosts and many leading personalities.

Why should I partner with Meedee?

In case you want to become more famous and more influencial.

We provide with an all-inclusive experience in terms of media presence and coverage, additional income streams.

Can I earn with Meedee?

Yes, you can earn even more than just money.

You can also earn respect, a greater reputation, new followers and more ways to express yourself.

How to become a Meedee partner?

It´s easy. It all starts with an Hello call.

Let´s find out what we can do for you. This call is free of charge and non-binding.

What are the conditions for becoming a Meedee Partner?

Being of value to others is sometimes fully sufficient.

You have confidence in your skills, talents and performance power? We can probably add the still outstanding / missing part for your public success. No degree or license or similar required.

Do I have to pay you?

It depends on what you wish us to do for you.

In a partnership everyone gives the best for a greater goal and a greater success. If we all benefit we would be happy to share the risk without requesting payments from you.

How can you help me for my career?

We offers several channels for adult education you can choose from.

Meede provides with books and media for nearly all professional sectors. We also facilitate training centers, trainers and experts speaking online and at different locations. Our courses and lessons are available in Lao language.

All Support Topics

Find answers and help for making business with Meedee.

Regular questions:

What business services do you offer?

We make products, services and people beautiful and famous.

We print, we publish and we make the media world work for you.

How can you help schools?

We are a supplier of the education industry in Laos, since 1997.

We are providing everything printed, stationery, school equipment, software solutions and customized school apps.
We even help schools to earn. (shop / app ecosystem)

How can you help NGOs?

We are an educational supplier in Laos. For NGOs that wish to sponsor books, study materials and learning in general, we are a known partner.

How do you support publishers?

Meedee offers several ways to make good readings and knowledge publicly available. /publishers.php

Pick your topic: You want to publish in Laos. | You want Whiite Label publishing. | You have the written text – we will do the rest. | You are looking for more platforms to publish your content. | You are looking for new distribution channels? | You wish to earn more from your publications?

How can international organizations benefit from Meedee?

We provide the media and services to make international organizations known and represented in Laos.

Be it NGOs, NPOs and POs, we take care of translation, media production and information distribution in the Lao speaking world.

What benefits do you offer for shops, restaurants and SMEs?

We help businesses to do what they do best even more easily.

We help extending your business in terms of accessibility, sustainable income streams, automated marketing and customer relations.