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Writers & Authors powered by Meedee

Writers & Authors
Publishing for everyone

Do you like to write and share? We help publish for everyone. We support authors and writers to make stories, articles, and news available nationwide and beyond.

Write - Publish - Earn

Everything in a single step: Once you have finished writing, you choose the way you want it published and monetized.

Print & Online Publishing

Start with free online publishing and, or sell printed products. We help you succeed.

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Experience our writing services

We offer services to make your writing experience as painless as possible


Get your work professionally edited and ready for publication.

Key services: Proofreading | Book Layout| Book Design | Page Formatting | Style Guiding | and much more


Publish your book with us, and on several platforms with the furtherest reach.

Key services you can count on: Royalties | Copyrighting | International Licensing | ISBN Registration | Multimedia | and much more

Print & Digital

Publish the way you want, books, e-Books, audiobooks, or in all channels available.

Key services One-stop-shop print solution, from leaflet to book to billboard | Digitizing Content | Monetize Content | and much more


We help promote your books and publications

Key services Media Rich Websites | Ad Network | Variety of Media Formats | Book Launch | Social Media Management | Content Creation | SEO Management | and much more

Income Streams

Earn more from your creative work

Additional income streams Merchandising | VAS | Events | More media formats: like eBook | Audiobook | Podcast | Interview | and more.

Translating from/into Lao Language

Two-way translation of writings and texts:
a. into the Lao Language
b. into other languages, like Thai, French, Chinese, English and more.

Writer Trainings

How to become a better writer? By learning, practicing, joining workshops, and seeking mentorship from content creators.

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Ways to partner with Meedee
Extend your audience and benefit from your fans and followers. Reach new fans from all over the world beyond Laos!
New here? Become a writer and help us serve the Lao-speaking community.
Give writer trainings Come and join our pool of experts.
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Creators & Artists
Make your work known

Do you love creating art? Do you love creating content? We would love to support your journey.

Market your art

Choose from a variety of sales channels: direct-sell, licensing, merchandising and products, art-books, partnerships and much more!

Monetize your content

Earn from your success. Learn all the popular avenues of earning from content creations.

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Creators & Atrists powered by Meedee

More for Creators & Artists

Our Services

Polish your work to perfection for you and your audience.

Media Production

Do you want to create products and services for others? We would love to help you realize it!

Key services Video | Audio | Games | Animation | Apps | Movies | Documentaries | Podcast | Live Events | Game-show | TV | and more

Publishing & Marketing

Make your art and work more accessible and available for a greater audience.

Key services Licensing, IPRs & Copyrights | Social Media Management | Advertisement | Events | Print Media, books, leaflets, posters, billboards | and much more


Earn from your content, production and events. Our platform allows several income streams.

Multiple Income Streams Royalties | Auctions | Gallery Sales | International Auctions | After Sales | VAS | and much more


Custom design your packaging for a sleek and premium experience.


Send your products anywhere you want, with protective packaging for long distance shipping


Learn to become a creator or artist: Pick your favorite topic and learn how to start and develop your very own style. All in the Lao or English language.

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Ways to partner with Meedee
Extend your good reputation and make a career out of creativity and artful skills. Reach new heights throughout and beyond Laos.
Become a creator and help us serve the Lao-speaking community.
Give a workshop Join our pool of experts. Get Info

Experts & Influencers powered by Meedee

Experts & Influencers
Sharing is Caring

Are you an expert who loves to share insight, wisdom and practical know-how? We are in need of experts and instructors.

Your topic loud and clear

Let others learn from your expertise, inspire the next generation of Lao youth.

Enrich others and earn

We provide a win-win-win situation where everyone can benefit and can make the most of their experience.

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More for Experts & Influencers

Services we provide

Deliver quality content, with confidence.

Production & Editing

Produce your online and/or offline content with us, professionally and all inclusive.

Publishing & Marketing

We make your content available on all media channels, nationwide and even internationally.


Explore new revenue streams from your expertise and competences, help the Lao youth do their tasks and reach their dreams.

Ways to make you earn MOOCS - Online Learning Platform | Introduction to funding partners and sponsors | Access to target markets | and much more


Become an expert, influencer. Learn from some of the best and create your own style and expertise.

Key services Online/Offline Courses | Workshops | Coaching | Certifications | and much more

Work With Us

Partner with Meedee
Extend your outstanding reputation and benefit from your expertise and influence. Reach all over and beyond Laos.
Become an expert and help us serve the Lao-speaking community.
Give workshops Join our pool of experts. Get Info

Events & Hosts
Boosting experiences

We supply hosts and events that connect people, empower communities and provide great experiences.

Meaningful events

Resources of influencial personalities, thought leaders for personal progress and inspirational outputs.

Get the word out

Greater reach and the proper attention for the events and experiences you provide, through our online package.

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Events & Hosts powered by Meedee

More for Events & Hosts

Service Provider for Event Providers

We love inspirational and empowering events.

Web Services

Increase your online presence with our online package, to connect your events with fans on a deeper level, while expanding your fan base far and wide.

Key services Promo Websites (free & paid) | Social Media Campaigns | Branded Shops & Merchandise | VAS | and much more

Publishing & Marketing

Content creation, multi-channel publishing, viral video creation.

Key services Countrywide Promotions | Variety of strategies to boost attention.


Let us add merchandise and VAS (value addes services) to your events, parties, conferences, shows.

Work With Us

Two ways to partner with Meedee
Make the most of your events and benefit more from your influence and good reputation. We provide with social reach and tools to get people involved.
Become an event host and help us serving the Lao speaking community with great content and even greater experiences. Get Info

Schools & Teachers powered by Meedee

Schools & Teachers
Equiping the future

Are an educational institution, a teacher or someone who helps young and old to grow in knowledge? We support your educational mission.

Make students smile

With lively learning materials teachers can fascinate and empower more than ever before.

Passion for education

Get access to all kinds of school equipment to make your school and lessons fly. Do more with more.

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More for Schools & Teachers

Services for Schools

We provide you with teaching success tools.

School Shop

Get your own online shop to serve parents and students, supply stationery, sell merch and school related materials.

School Apps

Get your exclusive school app for administration, learning and connecting students and families.
Educational games are modern ways to make learning a successful and engaging experience. Have a game idea? Collaborate with us.

School Equipment

Find useful and sought-after school equipment that boosts the learning experience, and helps students to perceive more easily.


Use our expertise and conntections to continually improve and modernize your school as owner, headmaster and parents.

Training Courses

Get or offer training courses as workshops, school camps, online courses to upgrade teaching skills and erpertise in Pedagogics | Languages | Maths | Instruments | Using educational technologies and many more topics.

Work With Us

Two ways to partner with Meedee
Make the most of your teaching skills and benefit more from your pedagogics and your way teaching students and people. We support you that you can happily do what you can do best: Teach and inspire the next generation of Lao people!
Become a teacher / lecturer / tutor and help us serving the Lao speaking community with required knowledge and inspirational presentations. Get Info

Career Development
Upgrade life and work

Do you want to upgrade your skills? Do you want to reach new levels of expertise? We supply you with knowledge, ideas, and experts.

Career builder

Adult education for personal development and professionals, via literature, media, workshops, and courses.

Developing life

Learn for yourself and others. We help you to focus an what you can do best.

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Career Development powered by Meedee

More for Career Building

We empower you.

We support your professional and personal development.

Study Materials

Get the study materials you desire to learn the required subjects. We cover you with both printed and digital learning materials.


We provide flexible ways and locations to train business owners and staff to step up in competence and productivity:

Ways to learn from MOOCs - Online Learning Platform | Online courses | On-site Trainings | Training Camps and many more formats professionally step up.

Coaching & Assessment

Do you need a mentor to learn a new ability or an expert to give a workshop for an organization to gain a certificate? We are your agency for most business topics required in Laos.
Unlock the possibilities and learn more opportunities to improve quality and income. We deliver context and experts that help with the next steps.
Do you want to coach and teach the next generation of Lao Youth? Join our mission.

Exams & Certificates

Do you want to do exams and want to get certified? We can provide the know-how and guide you through the required procedures, especially in adult education. Examples: We can help with language and ISO training.
For Trainers Are you certified and want to share your expertise? Join our pool of experts.

Work With Us

Ways to partner with Meedee
Become an entrepreneur - start a business and benefit more from your skills and expertise. We provide tools, good connections and deep insights.
Become a career trainer and help us serve the Lao-speaking business community. Get Info

SME, Shops, Restaurants powered by Meedee

SME & Shops & Restaurants
Success tools for business

Want more business traction? Need more customers and visitors? Our media channels will widen your reach and find new markets.

Simply loud and visible

Your online presence on phones, computers, and POS in a single step, within one day, might be free.

Additional income

More options to make your business stronger and pay off. Let us make your business shiny and agile.

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More Business Tools

Services you can count on.

Make your business more prosperous and a pleasure to manage.

Website & Online Sales

Get your online name and web page in a single step for free or at a super affordable price. Sell your products online, including automated after-sales services.

Enjoy full digital support Shop | Social Media Distribution | Content Creation | Order Management | VAS | and much more

Automated Billing & Invoicing

Reduce your administration costs and enjoy the automated billing and invoicing module for websites and shops.

Warehousing & Inventory & Logistics

Learn the proper tools to run your serices smoothly and where ever possible in auto-mode. We help you for software decisions and supply chain management.

Content Management

We can write for your and manage the media channels towards your target groups.

Marketing & Advertisement

Make your products louder and more visible. Our advertisement network works even beyond Laos.
All ways of marketing 

Customer Relations Management

Keep your customers coming back to you more often. Our CRM module boosts loyalty and additinal income opportunities.

Sustainable Income Automated Loyalty Programs | Practical VAS | Personalisation | Follower Benefits | and much more

Value Added Services

Add more value to your website/Shop.

More ways to earn Automated Aftersales | Promotion Planner | Ads Network | Follower Benefits | and much more

Work With Us

Ways to partner with Meedee
Sell the Meedee portfolio You like what we do? Become an agent and sell many products and services all over Laos and beyond.
Become a SME consultant and help us serving the Lao speaking business community. Get Info

Publishers & Publishing Houses
Streamlined publishing

Do you want to simplify your processes and add media publishing to your portfolio? Our white label and book marketplace for Laos delivers the tools you want.

Extended service power

Keep up with the time and use more ways to publish great content, enriching stories and empowering knowledge.

Add value streams

More ways to make books come alive. We add media, events, interactive experiences, creating new income streams from great content and ideas.

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Publishers & Publishing Houses powered by Meedee

More for Publishers

The Publisher's Provider

We serve publishers.

Single-Source Processes

All publishing steps at one place and in one workflow. One-stop-shop publishing service.

Books & Media Marketplace

All Lao books and print media in one place, the Lao publishers place: is where all the Lao written books, media and stationery are.

Transformative Media

Add new media to your printed one: Audiobooks | Video stories | Authors online events | Podcast | Games | Interviews and so much more.
We would love to add more sales and social reach to your publications.


Get the word out on your books and publications. We help you boost brand awareness and social reach.

All Marketing


Our printing house offers special rates to our publishing partners.

Work With Us

Ways to partner with Meedee
Push services for publishers Benefit from the many tools we provide to good content and media providers in Laos and beyond.
Learn publishing - from editing to printing, from intellectual property rights to marketing, and help us serve the Lao-speaking community. Get Info

NGOs - Sponsoring powered by Meedee

NGOs & Sponsors & Charity
Pushing education and social development

Providing learning material and children's books for more than 15 years. We will soon make materials for the underprivileged and handicapped as well.


Donate with Meedeebooks, or send in your own books. Do you have old books to give away? We are your supplier, printer and distributor for donation programs.


Fund books and media designed and produced especially for the deaf, blind, handicapped and underprivileged in Lao and more languages.

Contact Us

More for NGOs & Sponsors

How we support NGOs

Our mission is to bring value for Lao people.

NGO Administratons

Want to donate books and media? Want to run charity projects for the disabled, for children and families in need? Want to push education in Laos?
Help us doing it more. We are in education, green farming, social and local business development and community services.

Donations Management

Do you want to donate books and media, your own or Meedee´s? Do you want to donate used books? We are ready to be your supplier, printer and distributor.

Empowering the Blind & Deaf & Handicapped

We create, print, publish and distribute your books and media for the less priviledged throughout the country.

Education Sponsoring

Sponsor educational material such as books, online courses, games, stationery, school equipment and more to rural areas in Laos.

Work With Us

Ways to partner with Meedee
Start your NGO with HappyLaos As member of HappyLaos Cooperative we help NGOs from in/outside of Laos with a robust set-up and a comprehensive structure.
Become a NGO consultant Learn the Lao way to support charity organisations, managing funds and making different help initiatives effectiv for serving the Lao speaking community. Get Info

International Services
Your media house in Laos.

Get it all done by a single partner in Laos: Meedee. We communicate in English, French, German, Chinese, Thai, plus five more languages.

One-Stop Shop

We are here to translate, edit, print, publish and distribute for international clients, online and throughout the country.

NGO Services

Want to donate books and media? Want to run charity projects for disabled, for children. Want to push education in Laos? Help us doing it more.

Contact Us
International & NGOs powered by Meedee

More International Services

International Services

We are a business hub for international organisations in Laos.

NGO Administation

Go to NGOs →

Publishing Rights

We translate and sell your books in the Lao-speaking world.
Talk to us if you want to publish in Laos too. We also print. Ask for package rates.

One-Stop Shop Print & Publishing

Go to Publishers →


Our marketing network gives you nationwide access to new audiences via different publishing channels be it print, digital and online media.

Go to Marketing →

Work With Us

Ways to partner with Meedee
Need a reliable business connector? Either you are a profit organisation, a NPO or a NGO, we get you covered in most topics for your mission in Laos.
Become an advisor to international organisations in Laos. Get Info

Publishing Know-How 123+ itams available


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AGE 4+ · Illustrated · Edu Edition


By: zzz
AGE 4+ · Illustrated · Edu Edition


By: zzz
AGE 4+ · Illustrated · Edu Edition


By: zzz
AGE 4+ · Illustrated · Edu Edition


By: zzz
AGE 4+ · Illustrated · Edu Edition


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